M.Ed. in Educational Leadership Program

Qualify for leadership roles by earning your master of education (M.Ed.) online

Franklin’s Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Leadership works for busy adults driven to do more. Balance your M.Ed. with your life by taking one class at a time. You’re set up for success at Franklin because each new class builds on what you learned in the previous one and the flexibility you get with 100% online classes means you can honor your school commitments while continuing to make progress toward your master’s.

$2,000 Smart Start Scholarship

New students in the M.Ed. program qualify for an automatic $2,000 scholarship.

Tailored to Fit Your Life

Focus on one class at a time.

Real-World Practitioners

Learn from experienced, in-field education professionals.

100% Online Coursework

Balance earning your degree with other work-life commitments.

Available M.Ed. in Educational Leadership Programs

Aligned with guiding principles from education leaders, Franklin’s M.Ed. in Educational Leadership prepares education leaders to effectively manage the programs and resources that contribute to student achievement. At Franklin, you’ll earn a streamlined degree that equips you to lead in the collaborative and highly regulated education environment.

M.Ed. K-12 Building-Level Leadership

Master the concepts that tie effective leadership to higher student success rates. Franklin’s M.Ed. in Educational Leadership with a focus in K-12 Building-Level Leadership can be completed 100% online in 12 months.

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M.Ed. Higher Education Leadership

Lead and manage organizational structures and systems that support the development and well-being of learners. Franklin’s interdisciplinary M.Ed. in Educational Leadership with a focus in Higher Education Leadership can be completed 100% online in 12 months.

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M.Ed. Principal Licensure

Become a  collaborative, ethical and community-minded leader, create school cultures where learners thrive and satisfy the requirements to become a principal in Ohio with a 16-month online principal licensure program.

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Choose Franklin's Master of Education and get a high-quality degree that fits your life and your budget.

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Competitive tuition rates provide value and quality.

Smart Start Scholarship

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Franklin’s competitive tuition rate and our Smart Start Scholarship puts your degree within reach.

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Balance your education with your life.

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Realize your career goals sooner.

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Inflation-proof your degree cost by locking-in your tuition rate from day one through graduation.

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98% of graduating students would recommend Franklin to their family, friends and/or colleagues.

Source: Franklin University, Office of Career Development Student Satisfaction Survey (Summer 2023)