M.S. in Computer Science (non-Computer Science background)

Excel in a high-tech career with a master’s in computer science – without a CS undergrad

The field of computer science is booming. So, too, are the number of high-pay, high-reward, high-tech career opportunities for those with a master’s in computer science. But what if you have a bachelor's in something unrelated to computer science? With our streamlined pathway to Franklin’s M.S. in Computer Science (MSCS), you don’t need a bachelor’s in computer science. You can earn a 100% online MSCS in about 2 years, starting with a foundational program designed to help you develop industry-relevant computer science knowledge and skills.

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24-Month Completion

Get to your future career in accounting in as few as 24 months.

Streamlined Pathway

A three-course pathway positions non-computer science majors for success.

Leading Architectural Tools

Get hands-on experience with SQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, Java, Java EE and Git.

Program Overview

Are you a self-taught techie or STEM major ready for a top-ranked career in software engineering, AI, cybersecurity or DevOps? Propel yourself and your career ambitions forward with an online master’s in computer science. With Franklin’s affordable pathway to an M.S. Computer Science (MSCS) for non-computer science majors, you don’t need a bachelor’s in CS. 

Designed for busy working adults, the non-CS major pathway enables you to fast-track your enrollment in Franklin’s MSCS degree program by completing two of three corequisite courses in as little as 3-4 months. You can choose to complete the third corequisite course prior to starting master’s level courses or take it alongside your first master’s-level course. Completion of three corequisite courses and nine MSCS courses puts you on a course to earn your master’s in computer science – and the career opportunities that come with it – in about 2 years.

Develop industry-relevant computer science skills

One of the biggest reasons to enroll in a computer science masters for non-CS majors is to fill in knowledge gaps. Franklin’s streamlined pathway to an M.S. Computer Science can help bridge any disparities between your interests and aptitudes and your capabilities and qualifications. Through a short series of three corequisite courses, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of computer science in today’s world while building essential skills across the discipline, ranging from operating systems to network architecture to security to databases to algorithms. 

How to fast-track your career re-boot with a master’s in computer science (no CS undergrad required)

The hype about a computer science career is real, for good reason. The opportunities are diverse and the possibilities are wide open. However, to stand out, you need cutting-edge computer science knowledge and skills beyond what another bachelor’s degree or a technical certificate can offer. 

Franklin’s pathway to an M.S. in Computer Science degree gives you the know-how and skills needed to succeed in your master’s-level computer science classes. Because you learn from experienced in-field technology experts, you’ll also benefit from their real-world experiences.

Plus, at Franklin, you’ll enjoy a flexible course schedule, interactive online classes, and the support of academic advisors committed to easing your transition as you pursue a master’s in computer science without a CS undergrad degree. Get started on your future today.

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**Source: Franklin University, Office of Career Development Student Satisfaction Survey (Summer 2023)


Corequisite Curriculum

COMP 501 - Foundations of Programming (4)
This course covers fundamental programming principles. Students will learn about the basic elements of a computer program such as data types, assignments, conditional branching, loops, functions, recursion, basic data structures, program debugging, and testing. Note, this course has proctored exam(s).
COMP 511 - Foundation Data Struc & Obj Orntd Design (4)
This course continues the object-oriented approach to intermediate-level software development. The student will learn and reflect on fundamental object-oriented analysis techniques, basic design patterns, and linear data structures such as lists and queues. To support the concepts and principles of software development, the student will design, code, test, debug, and document programs using the Java programming language. Note, this course has proctored exam(s). This exams requires additional technology, if student uses online proctoring.
MATH 503 - Foundations of Mathematics for Computing (4)
This course introduces students to fundamental algebraic, logical, and combinational concepts in mathematics that are needed in upper division computer science courses. Topics include integer representation; algorithms; modular arithmetic and exponentation; discrete logarithms; cryptography; recursion; primality testing; number theory; graphs and directed graphs; trees; and Boolean Algebra. Note, this course has proctored exam(s). This exams requires additional technology, if student uses online proctoring.

Complete corequisite courses that provide foundational knowledge in CS and then seamlessly transition to master’s level coursework. Note that the third corequisite can be taken alongside the first graduate course.

Available M.S. in Computer Science Programs

Aligned with industry competencies, Franklin’s online M.S. in Computer Science prepares you to address the most prevalent challenges facing computer science professionals today. At Franklin, you’ll learn from faculty who add their real-world expertise to programs designed with input from industry leaders.

M.S. in Computer Science

Get the skills to deliver robust software design, architecture and implementation that helps organizations of all sizes increase efficiency and profitability.

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M.S. in Computer Science-Cybersecurity

Build your expertise in software delivery, verification and testing alongside a solid foundation of computer science principles.

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M.S. in Computer Science-Data Analytics

Grow your knowledge of computer science and data modeling and get hands-on experience in industry-standard tools like SAS and SPSS.

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M.S. in Computer Science-Software Systems

Boost your competencies in system architecture and artificial intelligence that pave your way to creating scalable modern software systems.

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M.S. in Computer Science-Pathway for Non-CS Majors

Enter the rapidly growing computer science field. Three 12-week classes provide the foundational knowledge to prepare you to excel at the master’s level. 

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Microcredentials Align with Job Essentials

In today's dynamic work environments, adaptive professionals thrive. A microcredential - either as a stand-alone course or integrated into your degree program - is a short, skill-specific recognition that enables you to demonstrate your competency in a distinct area. Like Franklin's degree programs, microcredentials are aligned with market and industry demand to ensure what you learn can be put to use right away. Microcredentials are easily shared via digital badges and can be stacked to create a unique portfolio of in-demand skills.

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